We Stream with QuickTime

We present our streaming samples through Apple’s splendid QuickTime, utilizing the latest version of the Sorenson codec. If you don't already have the Quicktime plug-in for your browser (say it ain't so!), it may be easily downloaded via the link below.

click here for Quicktime

Connections & Quality

Here is our array of buttons for getting video:

"Dial-up" is for 28.8 & 56 modem users. "Broadband" supports cable modems, DSL and faster connections. "MPEG Download" is an MPEG-1 file, 1/4 of original video’s dimensions, that can be played on Windows Media Player, Apple’s QuickTime and various third-party players. We will only display available options.

At DMZ, we produce film and video for nearly every application, but most of our current efforts are oriented towards traditional delivery and not produced specifically for the Web. Because the Internet does not generally have the bandwidth to transmit full resolution video in real time, all content must be compressed.

For dial-up connections, which are quite slow, video ends up not much bigger than a postage stamp, chock full of artifacts and running at low frame rates more suitable to a slide show. For those of you with DSL, cable modems or T1 lines, our broadband feeds are quite nice but do run at 15 fps.

Certain video materials are more web-friendly than others. Interviews excerpts, which are generally talking heads, are less of a problem because they contain consistant imagery with limited movement. For these, we have intentionally lowered the frame rate for dial-up viewers, concentrating on the quality of the sound and the image’s spatial resolution (as opposed to its temporal, or moving quality).

Our graphics intensive materials are full of quick cuts and constant motion, and suffer incredibly on a slow connection. Because we don't want to compromise material that we have put so much effort into, these clips will not be available as streaming video to viewers with dial-up connections, instead we will offer MPEG-1 versions. These files do have long download times, but when played off your local hard drive, through any of the popular media players, they will deliver a good image

Samples on Tape

We have a variety of samples on tape and are currently preparing a DVD that will consolidate most of them and include a few surprises. We are happy to make these materials available to parties with a serious interest in our services. Call or drop us a note.

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