DMZ does three basic things and this very simple site is divided into three basic areas, just as you would expect.

...covers all our editing, animation, tape to film and other post-production services. about our own projects; if you're interested in finding a screening, watching streaming video, ordering a tape or just seeing what we are working on, check here.

...tells you why it's a great idea to hire us to do your next production… and trust us, it is.

Here’s all you need to know:

There are links embedded all through the text. They are blue and underlined on most browsers. On the left side are navigational conveniences, including quick access to contact info. On the right side are all the page’s links in one easy to get to list. Beneath that are related links you may find interesting.

That’s it.

When you return, check out “what’s new” for the latest updates on what we’re doing, and what we’re offering. We are constantly adding new streaming videos.

A last thought, you will find lots of science fiction and literary related materials on this site. We are working on projects in these areas and personally enjoy the stuff. But our interests are very broad, and we will surprise you.

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