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Besides Vonnegut, Sturgeon and Malzberg, there are many other subjects. We speak to experimental writer, Richard Kostelanetz, and several critics, including Roger Sale.

Harlan Ellison equates the appellation, “science fiction writer,” with a phrase describing one who commits carnal acts with poultry.

We also speak to a number of other writers (who are familiar with our main subjects) such as: Philip José Farmer, Harlan Ellison, Robert Silverberg, Phil Klass and Norman Spinrad, among them. We reference a number major writers from the past, including: Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway, Sinclair Lewis and Nelson Algren. We have included links of most, below.


Vonnegut Links

This is the official Kurt Vonnegut page.
Kilgore Trout page from ‘Vonnegutweb,’ an immense Vonnegut resource.
A Vonnegut fan has crafted a very lovely homage to Trout.
This artist works with Vonnegut on his silkscreens, check out the Trout portrait.

Other Authors

This is the official Ted Sturgeon site and it is full of content
The sfsite covers almost every significant SF writer, this goes to Sturgeon

This is Kosti’s (Richard Kostelanetz) own site and it's a bit different, like the man himself.

Barry Malzberg gets at least a tiny fraction of the acknowledgement he deserves.
Understanding Entropy

Mr. Spinrad lives in France but get access through his personal site

The official website of a man who “spits in the milk of the internet,” Harlan Ellison.

What’s a quasi-official site? This Robert Silverberg site may be your only chance to find out.

Phil Klass and/or William Tenn has finally gotten back into print, and here are links to the Nesfa Press for the two volumes of his collected works.

A brief bio (but a great photo) of Roger Sale from the University of Washington.

A good fan built site devoted to Philip José Farmer

An excellent Mark Twain resource from UC Berkely.
Another nice survey of Twain’s life and times with many contemporary documents.
Check out the crazy house where Twain spent his last days.

For even more links, go to our Links Page

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