The Tape to Film Process

We have transferred some of the most important films of the past year. Among our blow-ups, “Southern Comfort,” which won the Grand Documentary Prize at last year’s Sundance Festival, and “Trembling Before G-d,” the controversial film that just broke attendance records at the Film Forum. We have had the honor of working with very talented people for a long time, and we do them right

DMZ transfer of tape to film is DIFFERENT!

1) We are the only facility in the world that creates an intermediary Digital Transfer Master (DTM). The DTM is created by executing scene by scene contrast adjustments, particularly to highlight and shadow areas of the video master. This results in superior dynamic range and more faithful film image. Films transferred without this treatment usually display contrast buildup, with blocked up, detailess blacks and burnt out, discolored highlights.

2) We are the only first rank facility in the world to have built our own film recorder. Our Cinematrix II recorder combines the best decoder and CRT technology for full 2K, plus a precision Oxberry gate & transport, and superior apochhromatic flat-field optics. This system is capable of equaling the resolution of laser recorders from video source materials and exceeding the speed and quality of other CRT based recorders.

3) We are the only facility that offers clients the option of creating a test strip with frames from all major scenes, that can be viewed prior to the actual film recording in order to allow fine adjustments before the final record out. This guarantees superior control for superior results without expensive reshoots.

4) We perform scene by scene motion interpolation based on image motion analysis, in order to finesse movement on problematic scenes. Some facilities just put your NTSC materials through a standards converter which allows no adjustment at all.

5) All of our transfers are processed at Technicolor – New York, and we have achieved a very high level of consistency with respect to colorimetry. Our clients can count on superior first answer prints. Clients who finish and transfer at DMZ usually need minimal one-light correction on release prints, and we've arranged special pricing from Technicolor.

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