Many complete, few finish.

Not every project needs it. Not every project deserves it.
But, sometimes you want to distill the sweetest nectar from each shot. It screams for a “look.” You just wish it seemed like it was shot on the same day. It's your idea of professionalism - making it look the best it can.

That's what we do and we call it finishing, but let me spell it out more plainly: we create your ultimate video master and make it sparkle.

We conform, color correct, contrast adjust, superimpose, special effect, film simulate, graphic enhance and version. Care to see some samples? All work executed to the highest standards in a real time suite in the hands of a master, our Senior Editor, Benton Bainbridge.

Any details requiring more handwork, be it animation, rotoscoping, broadcast or title design, and advanced special effects, we refer to Hee Jeon (call her Hia) Choi, our staff Flame Artist and Director of Graphics. Can we stream you some smart graphics?

Coordination and planning executed through our two staff producers, Greg Moosnick and Eric Solstein. It's a spacious joint, but we are a small, tight group, your interests will not get lost.

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