This isn’t really a television documentary … yet; it is a program in development. It is going to need commitments from broadcasters and/or distributors, and likely, a bit of fund raising before it becomes real. But, as you can see from this site, we’re already moving ahead.

Below is the show open, which we have created for our pilot program. It features 90+ year old writer, Jack Williamson.

Though we are not at liberty to offer a detailed proposal to the general public, the broad strokes are as follows. We envision a multi-part documentary that uses science fiction literature and the lives of its writers as the basis for exploring the Twentieth Century.

The programs will be topical rather than strictly chronological in their sequence and approach. Topics will include:

•Luddites meet Frankenstein’s Monster
•War, Weapons and the End of the World
•Evolution and Human Destiny
•Outer Space vs. the Earth
•Aliens and Other Outsiders
•Robots, Clones and the Human Being
•The Seven Sexes
•Golden Atom or Infinite Universe?
•The Secret Masters
•When the South Won the War
•Threatening Voices and Impossible Conversations
•Revolution On the Moon

Despite a few miserable attempts to tell the story of science fiction (with SF cinema usually dominating), and a small, mixed bag of author bios (the best coming from the BBC), the subject has never been treated comprehensively, seriously, or in an interdisciplinary fashion.

Anyone out there with the money or the connections or a strong desire to help out should feel free to contact us.

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