Our first ever special offer and I want to make it a good one:
Mention this web page for a promotional price of $150/hr.

In this room we make stills move. We do it quickly, repeatably, elegantly and easily with a real-time robotic camera stand. Real-time means more than just fast, it means that you can make all the little improvements that you want with near instant feedback. A win – win, because you have more control and a much faster turnaround, so it’s better and cheaper than doing it in AfterEffects.

Our staff operator, Steve Gross has been on this stand for five years, so he knows his gizmo. Call or email him if you have any technical questions.

For you techies, we feature an IMC A-frame with a 6’ X 4’ rostrum. And seven axes controlled (North-South, East-West, rotate, zoom, focus, and two peg bars) by our state of the art Lynx Robotics controller.

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