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The Possible Future

We have just passed through a century during which the entire world has been transformed. Science Fiction is the artistic, intellectual and popular movement that anticipates this brave new world.

We have been developing a broadcast documentary, a history of science fiction, but really a history of the twentieth century. “The Possible Future” is about people from the past and their expectations for the future. It is about the byplay of art and history and creative artist, the debate between society and technology.

We continue to develop, and even acquire material for this proposed series, as we continue the search for funding and distribution. The outgrowth of our four years of effort is an archive of interviews with the writers, many of whom are getting along in years, that shaped this science fiction world we now live in, and from this we have generated the wide variety of projects I describe in this site.

In turn, we have adopted “The Possible Future” as our brand. It is the umbrella under which each of our projects is nurtured and the franchise we are building, also the title of our proposed flagship, a multi-part TV documentary.

Atlantis and Other New York Tales

“Atlantis” is our first feature film release. We present the brilliant writer, Samuel R. Delany, in performance and interview, telling true tales of race, class, gender and sexuality. Technically a documentary, this film is similar in form to the feature monologues of Spalding Gray, though with very frank sexual content. We have an entire page devoted to it.

The Real Trout

The Real Trout” is an unusual documentary that confronts the challenge of making a film about people who create worlds inside there heads - writers. It will demand of viewers an ability read between the lines, the payoff is a deep insight into the heart of the artist.

Kurt Vonnegut, Theodore Sturgeon, Harlan Ellison, Mark Twain and Barry Malzberg are among the featured writers.

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