Lots and lots of links here. Most are oriented towards the SF side of things, but there are other interesting things also, and definitely more to come. This list was compiled by Polina Skibinskaya (PS) and Eric Solstein (ES).

Eric's Picks

The Harry Smith Archive
I first met Harry in an illegal Lower East Side tattoo parlor. He was bumming booze from me in the waiting room, and I thought he was some old drunken wise guy. Little did I know at that time, the kinds of wisdom the wizened old fellow possessed. Later, and completely by accident, I ran into him at a cheap Chinese restaurant beneath the Breslin Hotel on Broadway and 28th Street. He was staining his yellowish white beard with the glowing red sauce from his sweet and sour shrimp, I was descending from a psychedelic experience, and he invited me to his room. “Room 714, just like a Quaalude,” he said, before lighting into a chorus of “Oh, beautiful Breslin….”
Harry was one of the great original minds and creative synthesists of the Twentieth Century. Don’t believe it? Check out this site and be awed by this man’s life and work. -ES

R A L P H, The Review of Arts, Literature, Philosophy and the Humanities
With a name like Ralph…. And from there own history page: “…a fine, tacky phrase out of the 50s. To ralph means, in medical terminology, to toss one's cookies. If we were to say that the magazine should have its readers doing just that, it might be self-serving, if not inaccurate. But we like the hint of vulgarity being brought to the otherwise sententious world of publishing, letters, poetry, literature, literary arts, and artistic reviews.” -ES

VIZ Magazine Homepage
I think this stuff is riotously funny. Does that mean I’m bad? -ES

Portal of Evil
Not really evil, just a bit twisted. One person’s evil is another’s groove thing. -ES

My friends Malu Halasa and Andy Cox (formerly of the Fine Young Cannibals and the English Beat) run this new music label. Great stuff, great people. -ES


Mark/Space Homepage
The owners of this site are building their own utopian, anarchist city on the surface of their own planet! You can see the emerging city in 3-D or take a tour of its structures one by one, exploring what each of them has to offer. In the library, for example, you can browse selections by author or category ("anarchy," coincidentally, listed first alphabetically); in the shopping mall you have a vast array of internet shops to browse; the Body Works complex offers a choice tribal tattoos or breast augmentation; and the local school offers electives in nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, and, yes, anarchy.

This great collection of links concentrates specifically on fan sites on pop culture topics, with links to ebay auctions. Predictably, large part of pop culture has something or other to do with science fiction.

Another great internet resource center - this one concentrating specifically on author, artist, musician, and director information.

Slashdot: News for Nerds
This general-interest journal moves from discussions of synching database schemas to the view of the music business as the new book industry and back to a top 10 list of favorite equations with amazing ease. Large part of the content consists of user posts; there are also larger articles and discussion threads. Very informative, if you know what in god's name they're talking about.


This is a huge conglomeration of links to everything in the world, from links to authors biographies to medical information.

Internet Movie Database
Easily the most comprehensive source of information on all things filmic, including filmographies and contact information for people involved in the movie business, official film reviews and user comments, downloadable trailers, trivia, and most anything else you might desire to know.

SF Links

Authors and Editors

Ackerman, Forrest J.
4e's Foyer: Forrest J. Ackerman's Wide Webbed World
The official website of Forrest Ackerman, science fiction's celebrity fan. Includes origins of science fiction, Esperanto, collectors' items for sale, fun puzzles, monster makeup photos, and a list of links to 4e's Faves. -PS

Anderson, Poul
This Poul Anderson website is dedicated specifically to his future history science fiction, and features his Technic Civilization, world of the Maurai, and Psychotechic Leage - all with bibliographies, story chronologies, encyclopedias of fictional terms, and book cover galleries. It also has a section dedicated to Larry Niven. -PS

Asimov, Isaac
The Stars Like Dust
Aside from a comprehensive fiction and nonfiction bibliography that includes book covers, this site offers a wonderful collection of quotes, a summary of Asimov's Laws of Robotics, and even fan poetry dedicated to the author! -PS

Nuketown's Asimov page
This is a very useful collection of Asimov-related, comprehensively annotated links divided into sections .-PS

Asimov's Home Page
A very informative FAQ site that offers, among other things, a publishing history of Asimov's Robot and Foundation series, a link to the complete story Cosmic Corkscrew that pays homage to Asimov, an essay about the writer's views on religion, and a Usenet newsgroup.

Asimovians Discussion Boards
This vast neighborhood of Asimov fans includes not only discussions of specific works of the authors, but also forums for works inspired by Asimov's ideas and discussions of topics outside the realm of science fiction. (But is anything, really?) -PS

Burstein, Michael A.
Michael A. Burstein's Homepage
This is the award-winning author's official site, which offers a biography, a bibliography with purchase information, and a newsletter. -PS

Dickson, Gordon R.

Lynn Abbey's Homepage
The fantasy writer's official website, aside from biographical and bibliographical information, has a recommended books section, and a section dedicated to her friend and mentor Gordon Dickson. -PS

Ellison, Harlan
Ellison Webderland
Harlan Ellison's official site offers Ellison-related news, a comprehensive biography and bibliography, a photo gallery, articles culled from outside sources and original works, and information about Kick Internet Privacy, an organization set up to help Ellison pay his legal costs in the battle against AOL to protect writers' creative rights. -PS

Sequential Ellison
This website is dedicated specifically to Ellison's comic book work, with bibliography divided into Ellison's original comic book creations and adaptations of his fiction, and offers galleries of comic book images and a great collection of Ellison portraits. -PS

Islets of Langerhans
This fan site offers a biography, a short bibliography, and a more extended one that includes images of covers and is divided into novels, short stories, and nonfiction. It has a hilarious list of works Ellison might have written, a reveiw of his film and television involvements, and a few audio files of the author. -PS

Farmer, Philip José
A good fan built site devoted to Philip José Farmer.

Gold, Horace W.
Science Fiction Museum
This website above and beyond an author page: dedicated to the memory of Horace Gold, it has not only a biography of the writer and materials directly related to him, but also general science fiction news, book and media reviews, and an extensive writers' workshop with short stories posted in full, a workshop chat section and discussion forums. This site is also home of the Horace Awards. -PS

Klass, Phil and/or Tenn, William
Phil Klass and/or William Tenn has finally gotten back into print, and here are links to the Nesfa Press for the two volumes of his collected works.

Malzberg, Barry
Understanding Entropy
Barry Malzberg gets at least a tiny fraction of the acknowledgement he deserves.

Pohl, Frederik
The Unofficial Frederik Pohl Site
A fan site dedicated to "The Author," "The Editor," "The Fan." The site is still in the construction stages, and we hope it will continue growing. -PS

Silverberg, Robert
What’s a quasi-official site? This Robert Silverberg site may be your only chance to find out.


Simak, Clifford
Clifford Simak Fan Site
This site on one of the elders of science fiction offers biography and bibliography of the author, a gallery of cover art, a discussion forum, and in the true fan fashion, a section of photographs of Milville, the birthplace of the writer. -PS

Smith, Clark Ashton
This site is dedicated to the fantasy, horror and science fiction writer and artist best known for his association with H. P. Lovecraft. In addition to a bibliography and a gallery of his art, the site includes a list of books about the author and poetry and short stories inspired by his works. There is a large collection of letters written to Smith by Lovecraft and other writers, and even an essay on literary satanism. -PS

Smith, Cordwainer
This site is dedicated to Paul Linebarger, better known in the science fiction world as Cordwainer Smith, and is maintained by his daughter. It offers recollections of the man as well as bibliography of the writer, exerpts from his short stories, and an ezine that includes recollections of the writer and contributions from readers. -PS

Spinrad, Norman
Mr. Spinrad lives in France but get access through his personal site.

Sturgeon, Theodore
This site includes comprehensive biographical and bibliographical information on the author, a photo gallery, and an original story inspired by Sturgeon. There is a very interesting section on the Kurt Vonnegut/Kilgore Trout/Philip José Farmer connection, and a link to a provocative usenet group discussion about ethics in science fiction. -PS

Vonnegut, Kurt
This is the official Kurt Vonnegut page.

Kilgore Trout page from ‘Vonnegutweb,’ an immense Vonnegut resource.

A Vonnegut fan has crafted a very lovely homage to Trout.
This artist works with Vonnegut on his silkscreens, check out the Trout portrait.

Zelazny, Roger
A comprehensive author site that includes many comments and writings from other authors honoring Zelazny, as well as a biography and a bibliography, a number of interviews with the author culled from different sources, and a photo gallery. -PS

Zines of all types

Asimov's Magazine
This web portal of the famous Asimov's Science Fiction goes beyond an advertising venue for the paper magazine and offers unabridged texts, chats and forums, links - and of course the obligatory subscription information and purchasing information for Asimov's anthologies. -PS

Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction
This magazine website doesn't offer texts of stories published in the printed version, but it does post texts of departments and readers' letters. It also has a section of links to other magazines and writers' websites. -PS

Science Fiction & Fantasy World
A huge website that publishes everything from short stories to poems, from book to movie reviews, from news to interviews - days' worth of reading material. -PS

Mimosa Zine
This 5-time Best Fanzine Hugo Winner is dedicated to preserving the history of science fiction the way any real history should be preserved - through first-person accounts. The zine boasts an amazing group of correspondents, from superfan Forrest Ackerman with his multi-part trip Through Time And Space, to comic book superhero Julie Schwartz recounting the horrors of his Dinner With Harlan Ellison. The zine also comes in paper format. -PS

This horror-oriented zine publishes articles and interviews, most notably with the daughter of Vincent Price, as well as film, book, and music reviews, and offers a message board for its readers. -PS

This fantasy and science fiction webzine offers original short stories, novels, and serials. It also has a poetry and filk department, a chat room, and a great daily comic feature. -PS

Deep Outside
This professionally published (and paying) online magazine is dedicated to original short science fiction, fantasy & horror stories, plus reviews and video picks. You can also sign up to receive a free new story in your in-box every month! -PS

Shipyard Blues
This fanzine is based on the assumption that people who share one passion (namely, science fiction) will likely share other passions as well. Beyond a great collection of science fiction and fantasy book reviews, the zine offers large sections on music and car racing, as well as anything else that might make you stop and think. -PS

Albedo One
This is an electronic version of an Irish science fiction magazine that offers original works by Irish and international writers. The website reprints full texts of its paper publication, and has an amazing selection of interviews with everybody from J. G. Ballard to Joe Haldeman to Harry Harrison. -PS

Ibn Qirtaiba
This is the official magazine of SF SIG of Australian MENSA. Each issue offers a short story, a serial installment, and poetry, which are all fully reprinted on the website, as well as editorials and book reviews. -PS

File 770
This is an online version of a Hugo-winning fanzine that focuses on science fiction-related news. Not only does it offer the latest fandom and author news - it also keeps abreast of the latest hoaxes! -PS

This zine is a great place for aspiring science fiction and fantasy writers to hone their skills: it offers forums and chats where readers can critique the stories, has a list of writing resources and publishers, and publishes editorials giving writing and publishing advice. -PS

This literary magazine is, intentionally, quite a challenge to navigate, but once you get your bearings it's a delight: it has some great selection of fiction and criticism. Not much of this is science fiction; however, considering our humble opinion that science fiction IS literature, a literary magazine fits perfectly into a list of science fiction links. -PS

Another news-oriented newsletter that covers fan and professional communities and offers an extensive links section. -PS

Science Fiction Studies
Ths is the website of the official publication of DePauw University's Science Fiction Studies program. The publication offers a wide variety of critical essays on individual authors as well as science fiction as a sociological force, some of which are reproduced on the website in full. It also offers some very beautiful science fiction art. -PS

Fantastica Daily
This news site goes beyond science fiction, fantasy, and horror news and offers book and film reviews, and a features section that includes special movie event coverage and assorted interviews. -PS

This online magazine is dedicated to keeping the classics alive: it reprints magazine science fiction of the '40s and '50s and publishes new works in that classical vein. It also has a great big gallery of science fiction art and an idea warehouse, and on the lighter side, assorted cartoons and games. -PS

Eternal Night
This horror, fantasy, and science fiction zine publishes not only original fiction, but also book reviews and interviews, has a comprehensive bibliography section of fiction writers and science fiction, fantasy and horror artists, and has a forum for its readers. -PS

General SF

Alpha Ralpha Blvd.
A great website that offers bibliographies and web resources not only of speculative fiction writers, but of artists as well. A great feature of the site is a list of foreign-language speculative fiction resources. -PS

Fantastic Fiction
This British website offers bibliographies of science fiction, fantasy, and horror writers (including books about those authors) and cover art, makes recommendations, and ranks authors by popularity. It also has a great selection of book exerpts for your e-reading pleasure. -PS

Science Fiction Web Guide
This annotated list of literally thousands of links offers resources for everything, from definitions of science fiction to alien-related websites to publishers' contact information and everything inbetween. Links are divided into categories for easy accessibility. -PS

Sunburst Award Website
The home of the annual Sunburst Award for Canadian Literature of the Fantastic, which includes not only science fiction, fantasy, and horror, but also magic realism and surrealism. Aside from being the repository of information about the award itself, the site is also a great reference guide for Canadian speculative fiction, listing books published since 1997, and has a great selection of links to Canadian science fiction organizations and authors. -PS

This is a bibliography site replete with links to author-related sites and purchasing information, a discussion board, and a book club that offers 5 science fiction books for $1.

This website, although not exclusively science fiction-oriented, offers a wide range of links to biographical, bibliographical, and purchasing information on science fiction authors, science fiction and fantasy movie information, book reviews and even a convention calendar! -PS

This site concentrates on alternate history books: it gives a comprehensive definition of alternate history and offers short synopses of books that fall under this sub-genre, with a cover gallery and a bookstore. -PS

Rewriting Reality
This great-looking website with a sense of humor and a horror bend has an online writers' market and a wide range of music & video reviews. Most importantly, of course, there are book reviews - divided into categories like "It's the End of the World As We Know It - The Best of Armaggeddon," and "Hmm... I Don't Remember It Quite Like That - The Best of Alternate History." -PS

SF Home World
This speculative fiction website offers interesting information on science fiction and fantasy authors' involvement outside the genre, an archive of interesting quotes, cultural history of robots and aliens, a techno-glossary, short story and television episode guides, even song lyrics! -PS

SciFi Website
This site is the home of two newsgroups that are only accessible on WebTV. The website itself, however, is fully accessible on any PC, and is a wonderful repository of book and movie reviews, articles, and all sorts of fascinating things that have been posted on the newsgroups over the years. -PS

Center for Study of Science Fiction
This is the official site of one of America's first and leading science fiction study programs, which dates back to 1982 and has originated the Literature of Science Fiction Film Series. Aside from the educational programs and enrollment information, the site also offers detailed information on the Campbell and Sturgeon Awards, science fiction news, and reprints several of Gunn's critical essays. -PS

The official website of the annual convention, this site offers a list of confirmed guests, registration information, and an archive of past conventions. -PS

Part of a larger links website, this science fiction and fantasy section offers a several interesting links to horror and science fiction conventions and general science fiction sites. -PS

Science Fiction Weekly
This is SciFi Channel's weekly news bulletin with an understandable film and television bend, but it does have an archive of book reviews and a collection of interviews with authors ranging from Jack Vance to Peter Straub. It also has an interesting Website of the Week feature which will delight you with the quirkiest science fiction-related sites the internet has to offer. -PS

This scientifically inclined website is still under development, but it does look promising. When it is completed, it will feature departments on skeptical inquiry, technology, politics, and exploration. A chat room and a message board will open soon. -PS

ARWZ Reading List
This great neighborhood of speculative fiction discussion boards invites you to join forums on anything from Douglas Adams to J.R.R. Tolkien to Star Trek to Red Dwarf. (Luckily, the Anne Rice and Buffy the Vampire Slayer boards are located in different sections of the website.) If you want to connect with people who share your very particular tastes, this is the place to go. There is also a chat room, a newsstand, and a section of Amazon.com links to books especially recommended by members. -PS

Sci Fi Guys
Another great-looking and informative science fiction site that is primarily film and television-oriented and includes reviews, news, and a newsletter. -PS

Jeff's Mad Fly Science Fiction Page
This fun, if not too visually stimulating, e-journal based on the eponymous Jeff's university science fiction class makes for great reading with topics like "The Golden Age did not suck," "Dick Dick Dick Dick Dick Dick Dick," and "Cyber Punk rocks like Billy Idol." -PS

Oberon's Orbit
The main feature of this great-looking science fiction website is a writing workshop, which is currently in dire need of volunteers. The site also offers news, reviews of the site owner's favorite books, and a nice collection of links. -PS

Dystopian Science Fiction and Technofear
This is an extended essay which received English Honors at the University of Newcastle, Australia, and discusses the dystopian sub-genre of science fiction by making connections between science fiction's literary and cinematic classics, with a bibliography, filmography, and webography. Quite an interesting read. -PS

This site presents short courses in history of science fiction and fantasy, including various sub-genres and recurring themes, and an expanding section on humorous science fiction. -PS

Slawek's Home Page
This great site includes a gallery of the owner's original artworks and stories, and a few interviews with authors like Isaac Asimov and Ursula LeGuin. There's also a big compendium of art-related links. -PS

Max3's Website
This beautiful website, which comes in English and Italian, has a nice feature on Isaac Asimov with, among other things, the map of Russia showing where the master was born. There's also a Star Trek section that includes Star Trek-related news and webrings. -PS

Don Dixon's space art gallery
The science fiction artist's gallery showcases his covers for many science fiction classics, as well as original works for sale and 3-D animation. -PS

Book Review Sites

Under the Covers
This is a great huge website with more than 3.700 book reviews. The website goes one step further and notes the books that come highly recommended, for those who don't have the time to read pages and pages of reviews. Browsing is made easy by dividing books into categories.

This mostly film-oriented site does have a good selection of book reviews. For those who will get enticed by the site's film content, there is an interesting section that documents and ongoing project to rate every living American director, a film chat, and a huge list of links on anything even remotely connected to film or literature.

Denver Science Fiction Book Club
This club meets bi-weekly and alternates between reading science fiction and fantasy books. The website lists all the books read and discussed by the club. Although it doesn't offer reviews of the books, it does rank them numerically, and gives links to author websites, author bibliographies, and purchasing information.

Aside from a hilarious selection of "celebrity" Q&A sessions with, among others, Xena, a John Crichton clone, and Queen Amidala, this is another comprehensive book, film, and television review website, focused exclusively on science fiction, with a discussion board and a weekly newsletter. People who send in the most reviews are ranked in the top 10 list of book or movie scholars.

Yet Another Book Review Site
The name says it all. The website contains reviews of the best books in a "Must Reads" section, and has a special feature on Canadian authors and a nice and hopefully growing selection of original interviews.

This book review website concentrates on the cream of the crop of science fiction and fantasy. No need to be disappointed by a bad review: if a book is reviewed here, it's great. The "Jump" section offers links to author websites.


Dorsai Irregulars
This fan organization was originally created in 1974 to provide security at science fiction conventions, and has been offering a wide range of services ever since. Its website, aside from explaining what the organization does and for how much, has a great collection of filk songs! We're not sure if thorough knowledge of said songs can get you a discount, but hey, it's worth a try.

Little Rock Science Fiction Society
This society covers all of central Arkansas, with monthly meetings and an annual local convention. The site keeps its members posted on science fiction news, has a chat room, and even has a bookstore where you can order science fiction, fantasy, and horror books, videos, and software.

World Science Fiction Society
The official website of the organization, and of the Worldcons. It has comprehensive membership and organizational information, offers online registration and hotel booking for upcoming conventions, and has an archive of information from past Worldcons.

Chaz "Hazel" Boston Baden's Info Files
This obviously fascinating character created a website full of fannish information, from his science fiction convention newsletters to his analysis of fandom as a time-consuming passion, to Jell-O recipes, although we're still not sure how that fits in with science fiction - aside from Jell-O's obvious spooky qualities. He also puts out a daily newsletter.

Booksellers, Etc.

This is the one, my favorite book shopping site - bar none! But you already know about it, don't you? -ES

Science Fiction Books
A bookstore associated with Amazon.com but concentrated specifically on science fiction and fantasy books and videos, it also offers biographies of its featured writers, and divides its book selection into easy-to-browse categories. If you're not inclined to buy from Amazon, there is a link to the bookstore's ebay auctions. -PS

Dream Haven Books
This Minneapolis bookstore offers new, used, and collectible science fiction and fantasy books, videos, comics, and even role playing games. They don't take orders on line, but for those who live too far from Minneapolis to drop by they offer mail order and phone sales. The website also has a nice selection of author and publisher links. -PS

Baen Books
This publisher of fantasy and science fiction books offers an online ordering option and a good selection of free e-books. The website also offers audio samples of Baen's audio books.-PS

SciFi Archive
The owner of this website is writing his own novel, which you can read on line as it develops. If you'd rather go for more established authors, there's an extensive collection of used books for sale. -PS

SciFi Station
This is a must for collectors - a great-looking store that offers not just books and videos but toy robots, model kits, vintage posters, and all manner of collectible things with a science fiction bend. But not all is commerce: the site has a feature on science fiction masters where Ray Harryhausen and George Lucas are equally revered, and a detailed photographic account of the 40th anniversary celebration of The Time Machine. -PS

Cool Stuff
This great British science fiction store sells everything from superheroes to aliens, from posters to mummies, and space helmets to fit any skull. -PS

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