You can begin to erase VHS from memory because DVDs are already replacing them. There are lots of advantages, with “image quality” topping the list, but that’s only the beginning. They are more compact to store; cheaper and more convenient to ship, a premium product. They are a Mercedes next to a VHS Oldsmobile. Did I mention that they don't add too much to the cost of production?

But if you want to produce a quality DVD, besides a bit of special hardware and software, you better add: sensibility, intelligence, energy, not to mention image making and strong communications skills. That's what we do. We wed the high end imagemaking standards of our post-production service with the sophisticated message making and story telling that we pride ourselves as producers and documentarians, and then add our sensitivity to user interface.

Speaking of interface, DVDs have many unique features that focus & reinforce your message. Features like menus that direct your viewers where they want to go, graphics and overlays that guide and support your brand or message, slide shows to accompany your verbal presentation, multi-lingual tracks & surround sound, even multiple camera perspectives… let us show you.

Our next reel (ready soon) will be on DVD, full of tricks and surprises, and available to any party with a serious interest. In the meantime, check out our current commercial DVD release, the story of the famed editor of Astounding magazine, in “John W. Campbell’s Golden Age of Science Fiction", or come in and check out our other DVD projects, including the two volume “Works of William Wegman.”

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