Post has gone through a radical transformation in the past ten years and we’ve been there. New York’s first independent DigiBeta finishing facility, we offered DV broadcast services way back in ‘95.

Our special expertise is in four areas, where we can offer unique benefits to our clients:


Any video benefits from proper finishing and tape to film projects demand it. We provide the powerful color correction demanded by serious media and a unique proprietary film simulation process.

Conform an EDL, prep for film transfers, expand the color depth of DV materials, letterbox, retouch - a wide variety of visual effects are all available. We also offer 2D & 3D animation, advanced compositing and rotoscoping with our staff Flame Artist. For more detailed information.

Tape to Film

We’ve transferred the year’s most important work from tape to film. We can deliver more beautiful blow-ups from nearly any format because we’ve developed a proprietary method for improving the transfer’s dynamic range. For more detailed information

DVD Authoring

Today’s best presentation format, DVD has superior image quality and powerful playback options. We can provide creative authoring and the highest quality encoding. For more detailed information.

Motion Control/Robotic Camera Stand

Real time photo animation is the cost-effective way to achieve high quality imagery from flat & three dimensional artwork. For more detailed information.

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