Hee Jeon Choi Bio

Hee Jeon Choi is truly the star of "Day Million."

She is Dora, the film’s veiled presence of a perfect woman from a thousand years in the future.

She is the 3D artist who extends the story’s signs and metaphors directly into physical space.

She is also the masterful technician responsible for the film’s most difficult compositing effects.

Hee Jeon Choi as Dora

Hee Jeon is a proud Korean national who has been resident in New York City for twelve years. She graduated from Ewha Woman’s University in Seoul and received her Masters Degree from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunication Program. She has been a working professional broadcast designer and computer artist for ten years, and taught these skills to students at NYU, Parsons, Pratt and Stevens Institute of Technology.

"Day Million" is part of Hee Jeon’s personal commitment to mix advanced technologies with art in all media, in order to harmonize: image/sound/movement/stage/artifice/story.

Frederik Pohl Bio

Pohl has been about everything that it is possible to be in the field of science fiction, from consecrated fan and struggling poet to critic, literary agent, teacher, book and magazine editor and, above all, writer.

Science Fiction Grandmaster Frederik Pohl

Called by Kingsley Amis, (in "New Maps of Hell") "the most consistently able writer science fiction, in its modern form, has yet produced", Frederik Pohl has won most of the awards the science fiction field has to offer, including the "Grand Master" for lifetime contributions to the field.

Many of Frederik Pohl's works have been adapted for radio, television or film, beginning with the two-part Columbia Workshop of the Air version of the classic "The Space Merchants" in 1953. In Europe, a number of his stories have been televised by the BBC and his famous novella, "The Midas Plague", became a three-hour special on German television. His novelette, "The Tunnel Under the World", became a feature film in Italy; and his novels, "Man Plus" and "Gateway", are currently in development in America as feature films.

"Day Million" is his favorite story.

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