Ed Emshwiller Bio

The directors acknowledge many debts to Ed Emshwiller, both for the materials that were made available to us by his estate and the larger legacy that all current film artists owe this giant. Emshwiller studied art at the University of Michigan. He began his art as an abstract expressionist painter.

These two dancers were sampled from Emshwiller's "Image, Flesh and Voice"

He also was one of the leading science-fiction illustrators of the 1950s. Eventually he then turned his attention to film and video, ultimately becoming a dean at the School of Film/Video at the California Institute of the Arts.

Emshwiller began his film career in 1959 and in its course became highly respected video artist, experimenting with synthesizers, computers, and electronic renderings of three-dimensional space; the interplay of illusion and reality. He also manipulated time, movement, and scale. Emshwiller did not limit himself to artistic experiment, he had an excellent sense of humor. Today, we offer you the second half of another film we have restored, Emsh’s “Metal Monsterette".

It is the perfect retelling of a stereotypical pulp potboiler, but with a small difference.

Stanley Kubrick unsuccessfully attempted to enlist him to design the "ultimate trip" sequence for the film 2001: A Space Odyssey. He has had several retrospectives of his work since his death in 1990.

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