In 1969, James Gunn began producing a series of films featuring prominent science fiction writers (and one prominent fan) telling the story of their genre. These films, unavailable for years, are more valuable now than ever. Now, they do more than describe history, they are history. Of the ten presenters, five have left us, and of the youngest of remaining five, Harlan Ellison, can describe himself as a “certified old codger”, with the scars from his by-pass surgery as irrefutable evidence.

DMZ has gone to great effort to restore these films and present them with superb image quality in a two DVD set. Including an introduction by James Gunn, explaining the beginning of the initial project, notes by Eric Solstein about the restoration, and transcripts of each individual film (such as this one of Isaac Asimov), this is the first and foremost audio-visual record of science fiction, and it is finally available!

Science Fiction Films: A Lecture By Forrest J. Ackerman
Excerpt - 00:37/Total Running Time - 31:45
Plot In Science Fiction: A Lecture By Poul Anderson
Excerpt - 00:21/TRT - 28:27
The History Of Science Fiction After 1938: A Lecture By Isaac Asimov
Excerpt - 00:45/TRT - 31:20
Science Fiction And The Mainstream: A Lecture By John Brunner
Excerpt - 00:41/TRT - 18:45
Theme In Science Fiction: A Discussion Between Gordon Dickson & James Gunn
Excerpt - 00:21/TRT - 32:25
New Directions In Science Fiction: A Seminar With Harlan Ellison
Excerpt - 00:33/TRT - 27:15
The Early History Of Science Fiction: A Lecture By Damon Knight
Excerpt - 00:30/TRT - 26:06
The Ideas In Science Fiction: A Lecture By Frederik Pohl
Excerpt - 00:42/TRT - 40:12
An Interview With Clifford Simak: A Career In Science Fiction
Excerpt - 00:47/TRT - 18:49
The Early Days Of The SF Magazines: An Interview With Jack Williamson
Excerpt - 00:38/TRT - 21:47
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