Delany Press Clips

"Webs within webs, circles within circles, [Delany’s] imagination… creates a mirror of the oceanic density of our times, and leaves you asking for more."
- The Village Voice

"Delany has a fearsomely stocked intellect, and a wider range of experience than most writers can even imagine…. He is brilliant, driven, prolific."
- The Nation

"[The Madman is a] …fundamentally serious book that keeps open the possibility of a liberation which does not ignore the body, and which makes the world a more hospitable place for the erotic, and especially the homoerotic, life."

- Reed Woodhouse, The Harvard Gay & Lesbian Review

"Delany’s work exists on a kind of borderline – between theory and literary practice, between canonical and popular culture, between academic and nonacademic culture – a borderline familiar to feminist theory and cultural critique. The Nevèrÿon series is one of the most sustained meditations we have on the complex intersections of sexuality, race, and subjectivity in contemporary cultures."
- Constance Penly, Professor, Film Studies, UC Santa Barbara

"Delany continues to surprise and delight,,, [his] playfulness is the kind that involves you in the flow, forces you to see details in a larger context, yet never lets you forget that what you are reading is, after all, nothing but artifice, a series of signs."
- New York Times Book Review

"But something did happen: a city came to be, in America. (And I imagine I use America here as a shorthand for something else; perhaps for the industrialized nations of the American Century.) This city had no specific locale, and its internal geography was mainly fluid. Its inhabitants nonetheless knew, at any given instant whether they were in the city or in America. The city was invisible to America…. In Dhalgren, the unmediated experience of the singularity has survived, free of all corrosion of nostalgia."
- William Gibson

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